We’re four months in 2019 and newer bands are starting to break out and release material every single day. Six-piece indie-pop band The OK Club just released their debut single titled “Pilot”, and it was okay to say the least. The track starts off with a radio-friendly guitar structure while the vocals echo the charm of twee pop in the early 00’s, and it’s great to hear that “sense of fun” without any conservative gimmick that constrains a lot of pop bands today. Other than the warm boy-girl dynamic, the biggest gripe i had in this track is the off … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: O.K. CLUB – Pilot


We’re pretty far from having a band that exactly sounds like Tame Impala or King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard. Since we’re pretty much leaning towards more on the 80s nowadays, an up and coming band decided to turn back the dial to two decades more and that band, Electric Lambanog, might represent the neo-psychedelic scene on a bigger scale. This Rizal-based quartet aren’t really new to the music community nor the music they’re playing is new to them but rather the music finds them in an almost unsettling, melancholic mood. Making their newly released music video of their track, “Wasak”, … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: ELECTRIC LAMBANOG – Wasak

TRCK REVIEW: Pinkmen – Asked You To Dance

How in the world was I able to like this single as much as everyone does? Well, one thing’s for sure, it’s catchy as hell. Pinkmen are a six-piece folk band from UP Dilliman that puts together Beach Boys’ vocal harmonies and The Beatles-era choruses in an ultramodern fashion. Recently they released a brand new single titled “Asked You To Dance”, which is their first single under the Offshore Music label. From the actual sound and package of the single, I was hooked right on the bat by the time i heard their live rendition of this in Facebook not … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: Pinkmen – Asked You To Dance

TRCK REVIEW: ena mori – Telephone

The half-Japanese pop singer-songwriter and up-and-comer, and Offshore Music signee, Ena Mori just released her first single titled “Telephone” under the label. The track provides an attractive wonky bass, glittery chord progressions, and the desire to sound like the glory days of early-90’s house similar to the music of Rina Sawayama and Shura (by the way, it isn’t probably a new thing right now since everyone is doing it). The lyrics are heavy on themes like escapism and emotional baggage but there are times when the execution of the vocals almost just comes off as noticeably deadpan. The production behind … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: ena mori – Telephone


I went out on a late Saturday afternoon just to head over to one of the Metro’s biggest and longest running fairs located at the heart of one of the country’s top state universities. The college fair now turned into a sponsor heavy music festival celebrated its last day by headlining a bunch of nu metal acts, a few folk-y blues ones, a music act to service both older and newer fans, and a bunch of obscure bands that the university’s student org were able to book (which i highly recommend for other student orgs to keep on booking unknown … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: TSINELAS – INDAY


It’s been awhile since i’ve talked about the newest material released today.What stopped me to write about anything was not only i was busy doing things that i should prioritize, but rather, i stopped completely in the first half of March because the month thus far hasn’t really caught my interest other than a few anticipated releases and re-releases from our favorite bands. The other day, i stumbled upon the Jam 88.3 Locals Only Twitter page and hovered around their timeline just to see if there’s any good or somewhat ‘meh’ songs i could potentially write about. There’s one band … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW : LUNCH POEMS – WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND

TRCK REVIEW: Over October – Mr. Sun

Over October are pretty much a big deal when it comes to pop/alternative rock here in the Metro, thanks to their constant presence in the gig scene. Setting aside my personal opinion about this band, I decided to take a look at their most recent single titled “Mr. Sun”, a harmless title befitting of their equally harmless music. Although they have some songs that incite fun and playfulness, it always falls short and ends up being run-of-the-mill. The song “Never Stop” might be the only song that I like from their material. Going beyond that, I decided to play “Mr. … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: Over October – Mr. Sun