The pop-punk scene has its fair share of highs and lows in my experience in it. Recently, The Story So Far made their PH stop an everlasting impact at SkyDome and it brought IRL friendships to another level, Jejaview just got back from the dead while the “paps” bands are still covering Neck Deep, and the math-rock/Midwest emo revival is becoming a lot more exposed musically than it is in the past couple of years. For the meantime, Marikina-based three-piece Luncheon are looking forward in taking the steering wheel where the pop-math-punk trifecta is going by the end of this … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Luncheon – UR SHOES


For sure I can make the call that “emo revival” is still prevalent in the Philippines music scene (bands like Mindless Pop, All of the Noise, Irrevocable, Ploverstream, just to name a few). There are international emo revival bands that are still relevant due to the fact that most listeners here evolve from pop punk to soft grunge to now emo revival. One band based in Las Pinas decided to fully morph into the sound of not-standard-tuning is up-and-coming band called Eiffel. They’ve just released their 7-track EP titled “Unsaid Things” just a few weeks ago. “Prologue: I: Things That … Continue reading EP REVIEW: EIFFEL – UNSAID THINGS

EP REVIEW: Kidd Lason – Drippy Dreams

The sudden influx of new rappers emerging in the hip-hop scene today have raised the heat index into a 100 emoji. Summer has arrived and kids today that are years younger than me are taking hip-hop events in a DIY approach. Putting up shows in barangay events, fiestas, and even last minute organized shows have become a thing as of late, and it’s surprising to see a ton of kids take in the effort to do these activities all by themselves. One of those emerging rappers involved is Makati based artist Kidd Lason, who happens to be in G O ᗪ … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Kidd Lason – Drippy Dreams


Awkward Patterns is the debut EP of Quezon City based genre chameleon, Scott, who happens to both produce and sing at the same time by combining a mish mash of genres such as lo-fi, shoegaze, and trap music. The description of the EP, Awkward Patterns, already explains itself. In their preface, Scott clarifies it as an experimental project more than it is concrete one. “I tried” is a lo-fi beat that you would probably hear in the 24/7 Beats to Study To and would probably amount as simply as an introduction (where in reality this doesn’t have any relevance to … Continue reading EP REVIEW: SCOTT – AWKWARD PATTERNS

EP REVIEW: killuv – s/t

In this blog, we usually do a run down on the latest releases around the vicinity of a growing community in the Metro and we’ve tried covering some fairly new local blood overseas, whether it would be a band from a South East Asian country or a bedroom music act from the Bay Area. With the latter being mentioned, we might have found one that’s full of potential. 19-year old music producer and singer-songwriter based from the Bay Area, USA, Alana Grace aka ‘killuv’, is a music project that connects together an unusual pair of genres such as lo-fi ambient … Continue reading EP REVIEW: killuv – s/t


Ourselves The Elves emerged as one of those new wave indie bands that came out from Metro Manila more than half a decade ago. They are widely regarded for their take on alternative-country music and being able to capture the many hearts of their many young listeners (also see their contemporaries at the time: The Strangeness, Bullet Dumas, and Dr. Strangeluv). The band started by releasing their first recorded material back in 2013, titling their first EP “It’ll Be Alright.” Despite it being a short 4-track EP, this release became a personal favorite of mine because of how childishly fun … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: OURSELVES THE ELVES – SELF IS UNIVERSE


As the scorching 2019 PH summer approaches, we’re expecting to sweat heavily in the mosh pit in spite of the corrupt water crisis we have at the moment. While the sun goes down, these new artists are springing up as the nocturnal activity arises. The hip-hop scene in the Philippines is evolving, yet partly antagonizing into some extent, and not only we feel influenced by the environment they’re creating but also feel this belonging by their limitless expressions they can freely recite on a mic while the beat blasts through the speakers. Enter Heaven, an upcoming rapper from Manila whose … Continue reading EP REVIEW: HEAVEN – SLOW FIDELITY