TRCK REVIEW: Ian Penn – Out of School

[Written by Dumpling]

‘Out of School’ is the latest single to the upcoming album from folk singer-songwriter, Ian Penn. With this initial preview of his upcoming album, there’s a change of theme and mood compared to his past two releases. From ‘Water from the Creek’ to ‘From the Rear View Mirror’, the transition to this current sound on ‘Out of School’ was already visible yet still unexpected in terms of Ian Penn’s style of writing.

The track started with gentle strums of guitar that encapsulates the sincerity of the song, fingerpicked to its delicacy. The chord progression of the entire song, especially the shift in between verses, is as pillowy and hazy as it flows through the air. Ian’s lyrics speak of being attached to someone who can’t seem to find their way and the constant feeling of being responsible for this person. Ian’s voice is dimensionally bending to the song, however, past releases have already showcased his vocal range which is more compelling to any listener. Notably, the bass lines added texture and depth to the track. The drum parts towards the end of the song gave it an unparalleled edge to his earlier works.

In the casual and serene setting of any listener, the shared intimacy and absence of clarity as if each plucked string was played beside the ear was a feeling Ian Penn was known for, something to savor before it drifts away.

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