TRCK REVIEW: Reese Lansangan – Jealousy Is A Familiar Friend

If you ask the right person, or maybe just any person outside the vicinity of Teacher’s Village on a weekend, they would probably have sterling opinions on the starling Reese Lansangan. This is important to note because of her vanilla-cupcake public image and her largely inoffensive Youtube-core skeletons of songs being in earshot of tween vlogs all across the local online atmosphere. I’m not typing this review to sham anyone that happens to follow Batang Lansangan on Twitter, but I digress.

Reese Lansangan is a singer-songwriter from Manila that needs minimal introduction. Chances are, if you’ve been privileged or are sufficiently connected in the loop to be able to read this review, you’ve heard of her.

For the lack of a more suitable descriptor, this track is soupy. Not soupy in a dense manner, but one where the veneer is thin, but the contents are obfuscated. I’m inclined to give the stamp of approval on this track, but it really does hold itself back. Reverb holds a larger stake than Reese herself does on this single, which is shocking, considering that Reese’s voice comprised half of her songs on her previous material. The band’s dynamic is ultimately watered down with the presence of effects that soften the attack on instrumental stabs in the song. The hook is a is more comparable to an ear infection than an earworm, as it only sticks around in your head after multiple listens. If this is what Reese considers a slow burn, then it does so with petite finality.

This may sound rather left-field with the track record of this blog, but I actually find this track to be remarkably solid. There is credit due with the notable increase in caliber in arrangement and instrumentation. Not quite great, but not as good as you might think. With her new batch of songs, the inclusion of band really does make a sizeable improvement. To think that the rest of her older material left a sizeable portion to be improved upon (like the concept of layering, among others) speaks volumes about the improvement her sound has went through.

“Jealousy” is by no definite means a showstopper, but rather a tonal shift in a change of act. It shows Reese’s further progression down a creative path that shows more promise as a frontwoman, rather than a solo act. While her songwriting and lyrical prowess have yet to follow suit, her statement on this track has made the most sense out of all of her past endeavors.

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