EP REVIEW: Sour Cheeks – Oriental Traffic

If local “indie” decided to turn it up a notch by focusing on writing about genuine experiences and construct musical reflections that match that certain kind of experience rather than bait listeners for their lazily written pieces of “hugot”, you probably got a good collection of songs on your hands – and Sour Cheeks is that band that have those songs in their criminally overlooked discography. I’ve mentioned this release in a short list not too long ago (you could still check it in the page if you like, it’s somewhere over there) in the blog. Sour Cheeks not only … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Sour Cheeks – Oriental Traffic

TRCK REVIEW: Ace Banzuelo​ – Like Like You

What does Ace Banzuelo and LANY have in common? Is it the “aesthetic” beauty in their brand or is it the synth-pop laden sensual, oh-I’m-so-infatuated-let-me-write-you-a-song vibe? Out of all of the questions that tend to make me curious, I picked the latter. In Ace Banzuelo’s “Like Like You”, the debut track of the up-and-coming artist, is a three minute affair of assurance, blooming textures of cheesiness, and a weird vocal mixing choice. I tried listening to it multiple times, sometimes to a degree near overanalysis; the track still isn’t as enjoyable as it strives to be. The track’s production is … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: Ace Banzuelo​ – Like Like You

TRACK REVIEW: Frizzle Anne – ‘Di Para Sa Akin

O/C Records is a record label that scouts for unheard talent all across the metro. They’ve been making big moves since they’ve signed the young boy wonder-in-a-famous-band-turned-soloist Unique to scouting many unheard bands that are in the weird territory such as Bita & The Botflies and female singer-songwriters like Rice Lucido. Young and upcoming OC artist Frizzle Anne is among the first batch of artists under the Kean Cipriano-led label. This also helped the singer-songwriter launch her first official single titled “Di Para Sa Akin”. With the first roll of piano notes when the track starts, it goes well along … Continue reading TRACK REVIEW: Frizzle Anne – ‘Di Para Sa Akin

TRCK REVIEW: Psychedelic Boyz – Ultimatum

If this movement needed a rap group that promotes a drug agenda in the context of a current drug war, I would probably listen to Psychedelic Boyz for ironic purposes. Recently, the foursome from Rawstarr Records released a new single titled “Ultimatum”. The acid-frenzy clique are somehow still spitting soulless bars and redundant multisyllabic rhymes in a brand new beat produced by Mark Beats. Honestly, this beat didn’t deserve the lyrical beating where the rappers actually throw light punches. From start to finish, it sounded like the four had to recycle their flow and lyrical content that unabashedly makes their … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: Psychedelic Boyz – Ultimatum