Electronic pop artist ena mori released her self-titled EP and it’s just what we need in this life of sin. The 8-track EP — mostly composed of upbeat and tasteful disco jams — is playful enough to tickle a poptimist’s ear. ‘Safe Zone’ is a spontaneous and solid track, a vision of what electronic pop music in the country should be. Starting from the simple yet spotless intro leading to the bubblegum-catchy chorus, this song shows ena mori’s flexibility and range; talking about a great combination of everything. ‘Telephone’ describes independence covered with metaphorical references which I fell for, making … Continue reading EP REVIEW: ENA MORI – SELF-TITLED


We’re still in quarantine. It’s been only a week but it feels like a decade. The avenues are filled with camo-wearing soldiers with rifles buckled against their waists; Health workers in the frontline are in dire need for scientists; Our patience inside our households are closing in towards insanity.  It’s hard to not think about the impending martial law. It’s hard to see your favorite influencer dropping the classist bomb at underprivileged families lacking proper testing and medical access. And it is absolutely NOT OKAY to see your local politician getting tested exclusively. They can’t take away the powers that … Continue reading EP REVIEW: DANA BLAZE – REVENGE


The prevalence of blues and funk is something that isn’t fully out of nowhere in the local music scene. You have upstart bands coming from prevalent high schools and colleges, making their presence known through their channels (the “hey, I went to school with this band, they’re such good performers” and the “hey, these guys are pretty good”). The moment the band you idolized in high school hits it big, you tend to realize that they couldn’t have made it without you. It’s with that sort of mindful mindlessness in which you wonder why you like what you like. Is … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: KEANE TRINITY – DRAMA

TRCK REVIEW: Halina – Kwarto Waltz

[written by sopas] Halina is the baroque pop recording project of Divino Dayacap, more prominently known as the keyboardist for Unique, both hailing from O/C Records. Halina is also an artist I never really cared for. A harsh introduction, I know, but do understand that I selected these words for economic reasons. At the time I was made aware of the existence of this project, Halina only had an assortment of recordings available on Soundcloud. Arranged within the confines of studied bedroom psychedelia, almost every second meanderingly mind numbing. The very same group of people that had informed me of … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: Halina – Kwarto Waltz


As an unapologetic Mac Demarco fan, it doesn’t boggle my mind when some Stranger on the Internet says that the new school of Mellow Fellow and Ruru pulls heavy from distinctly jazzy bedroom pop. It’s all fun and games until you realize that artists move on; they live their lives, they love their loved ones, and they feel things that change their perspectives on art. Ruru’s new EP, “The Odds”, takes the audience’s expectations and doubles down with pleasant scattershot lounge pop. It’s a grower with the ear-candy to warrant several relistens. This is an artist internalizing work, refining the … Continue reading EP REVIEW: RURU – THE ODDS


There are several rumors circulating about Pampanga being the next mega city in the future. We’re obviously on panic mode in the capital since the collapsing economy has been sledgehammered by our taxes and rent costs, having no choice but to cash in the cover nights and label machinery. Fortunately for all residents of the upper north, there’s a flourishing music scene that is almost impossible to ignore. From the looks of it, the market is free from the strangling rates and foreseen gentrification. The D-I-Y spirit is running through their veins. Independent productions and eclectic Pampangga-based creatives are trying … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: MASTARDED – MR. BEAN