We’re already experiencing the age where visuals matter as equal as the music. Artists, both who hold a pen, an instrument, or a brush, in this day and age play out an internet persona that tickles their fans with their wit and antics. It’s a way of branding yourself as long as you live your word that your material is as decent as your image. However, a small Soundcloud account that has a dark blue mirror selfie as his display profile, concealing their identity, has uploaded 7-tracks just over a few weeks ago. Those 7-tracks might have been the most … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: CAVILL – NEWFIGHT


The pop-punk scene has its fair share of highs and lows in my experience in it. Recently, The Story So Far made their PH stop an everlasting impact at SkyDome and it brought IRL friendships to another level, Jejaview just got back from the dead while the “paps” bands are still covering Neck Deep, and the math-rock/Midwest emo revival is becoming a lot more exposed musically than it is in the past couple of years. For the meantime, Marikina-based three-piece Luncheon are looking forward in taking the steering wheel where the pop-math-punk trifecta is going by the end of this … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Luncheon – UR SHOES

ALBUM REVIEW: Rice Lucido – Hele ng Maharlika

There’s an upswing of folk artists in the mainstream industry today. There is an ongoing series of eventssuch as Ben&Ben who are about to release their most awaited debut album, which we’re mildly excited for, Bullet Dumas symbolically passing the torch to Unique in Conspiracy Garden, Munimuni giving Jess&Pats a home base for its open mic and acoustic setting, and the online virality of buskers playing outside of college campuses in the U-belt. My question to these observations is why is everyone engaged by an instrument that can only be plucked, strung, or even be looped by all of your … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Rice Lucido – Hele ng Maharlika


O/C Records are one of the labels that have recently kept themselves busy with recruiting so many artists; handpicked from a diverse pool of genres, the criteria being the potential they show. In essence, an extensive gamble for the ears of each artist’s target audiences; a game that has resulted in more misses than hits in terms of the musical quality, and also, with regard to most of their artists, more misses than hits in terms of crossing over to bigger audiences. Most of the artists from O/C records had shown to be underwhelming on the former- or unfortunately both- … Continue reading TRCK REVIEW: ARTHUR NERY – LIFE PUZZLES

(mini)-ALBUM REVIEW: Clean Slate – YOUNG WORLD

For the past three years of experiencing local shows, I still have the responsibility to protect my scrawny ass from being bulldozered by a bunch of large dudes in the pit, but that doesn’t stop me from slamming at the center of it. My point here is, you can mosh to any type of music as long as you don’t hurt anyone in the process. Still don’t get where I’m getting at? Well, I just listened to one of the few exciting releases of 2019. Four-piece hardcore youth-crew Clean Slate just released “Young World” under DIY punk label Still Ill … Continue reading (mini)-ALBUM REVIEW: Clean Slate – YOUNG WORLD


Capping off this beta version of the series is the ragtag Singaporean rap group Yeti Pack. The members in the group are AFRO JUNIOR, RVND, YELLO and Rush Martines, all of them embodying a personality that is heavily influenced by Western-Asian rap label 88Rising. The group features an ethnically diverse cast of rappers — all of them representing the small nation of Singapore. Although, their style isn’t masterfully crafted nor as stylistically diverse in the grander scheme of hip-hop today. Their hit singles “Broke AF” and “Feng Shui” feature oriental inspired trap instrumentals and the rappers’ energetic fuels the track … Continue reading SOUNDS OF THE SEA #001: YETI PACK


For sure I can make the call that “emo revival” is still prevalent in the Philippines music scene (bands like Mindless Pop, All of the Noise, Irrevocable, Ploverstream, just to name a few). There are international emo revival bands that are still relevant due to the fact that most listeners here evolve from pop punk to soft grunge to now emo revival. One band based in Las Pinas decided to fully morph into the sound of not-standard-tuning is up-and-coming band called Eiffel. They’ve just released their 7-track EP titled “Unsaid Things” just a few weeks ago. “Prologue: I: Things That … Continue reading EP REVIEW: EIFFEL – UNSAID THINGS